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The Paddock Polocrosse Club was established in 2010.

The Club is based at The Oribi Museum in Oribi, on the Border of  the Oribi Gorge.

Paddock Polocrosse Club plays host to several Tournaments a year & a Development Camp

for all beginner & Junior players. The Polocrosse Season is from March to the end of October.

Our Club Practices are every alternate Saturday afternoon at the Oribi Museum.

Spectators, beginners and New Players are most welcome.

Players Range from Pee Wees –  ±6 years  to Veterans! It’s a fantastic fun filled healthy sport

for the whole family!

 - SA Polocrosse Team are the reigning World Champions since the World Cup 2011 in UK.  
 - Next World Cup in 2015 to be hosted at Mooi River




EMAIL:    admin@paddockpolox.co.za

EMAIL2:  polocrosse@oribimuseum.co.za

The Sport of POLOCROSSE:

Polocrosse is an exciting team sport  played on horseback between teams of 6 players, with each team divided into two sections of three. Very simply, a “section” is made up of:
the “Attack” player (or No.1), who’s job it is to score goals,
the “Centre” player (No.2), who acts as both an offensive and defensive player,
and the “Defence” player (No.3), who’s ultimate duty is to prevent the opposing team’s No.1 from scoring.
Polocrosse is for everybody – boys and girls from 7 or 8, teenagers, adults, even Gran and Grandpa! If you’re still learning to ride, there’s nothing better to improve your riding skills than by playing this wonderful sport!

There’s always a place for you in Polocrosse!!

Come & share the FUN with us!

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